Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I have been sewing for my grand daughter Arsema. I have made so far 4 baprons and have 2 more to make for her. I got them from here. A great tutorial. I like the puppy one tis for valentine day. I hope to make the other 2 and get them in the mail to her 4 P M.
 Turning colder here and possible snow this weekend. yuck. But hey I guess we can not really complain have had a very mild winter.   I am off for now and  back again soon  with more of what I am doing.

Take your time and sew slow checking the binding. I did not have a lot of trouble. Here are pictures of the 4 I have made  and I have at least 2 more to sew up. such fun!!


Amy said...

Super cute! I'll share this post with my daughter. She has been sewing for my grandson and I think would love this project.

Wilma NC said...

You know that I like them Patty. ;)

Sandra :) said...

Arsema's baprons are adorable, Patty Pat --- I hope they'll send you a picture of her wearing one! I have that same Valentines doggy fabric - I bought it to make a bibs for my two great nephews - I'm just making regular bibs but I'm going to embroider their names on them :)

Lucy said...

They are just adorablle.

Rhonda said...

Oh Patty these bibs are adorable and a great idea.
I've become a "FOLLOWER" of your blog and will visit as often as my life allows.
Take care.