Thursday, December 22, 2011

baking again!

Well dear daughter and friend Sandy came over today and we baked cookies. there is still more to make. We also watched the last of the X Factor. I was routing for Josh. But any one of the three left would be great! Look how happy they are to help me LOL
I think they will all have a singing career. We made our favorite cookies tonight. Nut Crescents. Then I did the cut outs. I have another ball of dough for the cutouts and 3 more balls for the nut crescents. YUMMY. Grandson wants some Molasses cutout cookies and i would like some Oatmeal raisin ones. The chocolate cake cookies are delicious!! I will take a picture of the chocolate Gooey Butter cookies tomorrow and post them  they are so good!! Merry Christmas to you all and GOD bless each of you .  Hugs



Roma said...

You can just send the nut cresents to me!! Teasing of course..
They all look good..

Sandra :) said...

They look yummy - have fun baking, and Merry Christmas, dear QW!!!! Maple syrup hugs sent your way :)

quilter000 said...

Sister I would if they would only travel well they do not. When I come down we shall make a batch of them instead of sewing. Love you Pat

Maple Syrup thanks

Lucy said...

Every thing looks so good to eat.
Glad you had fun baking.