Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Christmas Party

Had a party last evening . It was my local Quilt Guild in Wooster Ohio. I think it was the best thus far of the ones I have attended. I had made cookies to give  as a desert. I made squares and iced them in half square triangles. I took a table and board to lay them on and they became a pinwheel quilt laid out. Besides they tasted very good. I got to my seat  and the favors were a nice little folded tree pin, some candy cane candy , Andes mint, a pair of scissors, and a nice stiletto. I had been member at large this year and the President gave a small thank you gift. It was a neat small bag looks like an Apple but has a nice tote bag inside it. Great I love bags!! Then we chatted and ate our dinner. After dinner we gave the president her quilt and then announced the quilter of the year. Ruth Bishop was given that award and she does so much for our guild she deserved it. They gave her a thimble cage necklace sterling silver. She cried and thanked all for the honors.  They did the challenge and I came  in 3 rd place so I received the little folding tote with goodies in it for the prize. Then came the Christmas box swap. That is what you see spread out, an item for each letter in the word Christmas. Good things in my box. After the box swapping was finished up we did a singing of Christmas carols only there was a hitch to that. We, each table had to pick a Christmas song and change the words to pertain to quilting and sewing. Man you should have heard the great songs. I am amazed at the talent we have in this group of gals and gents. I think Sally is going to give everyone a copy of the songs soon . I truly enjoyed my evening out with the guild!! Below you will find a few pictures of the things I received and of the tree I entered and it was a good time!


Lucy said...

Your Christmas tree is beautiful and the colors I like really looks like a great Christmas tree quilt. The quilting is great too.

Ruth said...

Lovely quilt!!

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