Thursday, December 15, 2011

tree pin

Here is the directions to make a tree pin. It is adapted from the folded tree napkin.
 First make a half cicrle template in the size you want.
I made this one 5 inches wide and 2 1/2" tall.  green front and print white back
Layer two contrasting fabrics rightsides together. Use your template,trace around it, then sew all around leaving a small opening on the straight edge to turn rightside out.

Now fold the two sides into the middle but off center on the bigger side. then will look like this

Fold that in half and press good ,sew a small button on the top and an pin back on the back side just catching the inside of the top layer so no stitching shows through Share your pictures if you make any of them. Be sure to thank Lyn Brown  when her page opens up click on continue readingfor the pattern for the napkin so cool!

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merrily row said...

Too late for Christmas 2011 but this will be on my must make list for 2012. Thank you for the tutorial.