Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Been MIA

Hi All been a few busy weeks for me. Not getting a lot done.So had not come on line to post. I did do a  couple blog tours. I must say that is my last of them . I am going to spend my time on line  wiser. LOL  I know there is only a winner from a few hundred. But it just seems like they are in the clicks like old high school days. Not to offend any one. I just feel like  you have to be in their group in order to be drawn. Kind like paying the neighbor kid to like you  don't you think? I am straight forward with people I meet and treat them the same.Good luck to all the blog hoppers and their tours happy days ahead for me.
I am just done with BLOG tours and try to win a gift.
So on to more fun things  I did manage to get a wall hanging sewn so cute I have not worked in my homespun in some time. Felt good to play in them. I want to make a new quilt for a guest bed. the one that is on  it is wearing out. So I want to remake one just like it only maybe a few different fabrics. It is called Country Seams quilt. I will post a picture of the oneI have made . I think it is still on my web shots pages.
Everyone has loved it. Very primitive looking.
I had a birthday yesterday and I was given a new pair of diamond ear rings from my hubby.They go nicely with the necklace he gave to me a few years back. My daughter and her kids came over baked a cake for me and we celebrated with food and the great cake she baked here for me. They gave me nice and meaningful cards with tender words of love in it. they each signed it for me.Daughter gave a couple lottery tickets. I won 10 dollars on them.  We are getting a some snow  and colder temps tonight. I will see what I can do tomorrow in my sewing area.  So for now I have rambled on long enough. Thanks for coming by today and listening to me sound off.  Tomorrow I will find the picture of the quilt and post it so you can what I talking about.,tis a super  quilt  I really like.


Terry said...

Happy Birthday! Love your little snowman wall hanging! :0)

Sandra :) said...

I've won several prizes from blog hops, but they're very time consuming - I don't really do them anymore. I'm at that stage in life where I generally prefer to reduce rather than enhance my stash (except when there's a sale on fabric at Fabricland or Joanns, LOL!), so I'd hop 100 blogs and only enter 7 or 10 giveaways! One thing I do like about blog hops is finding new blogs to follow and read - there are a lot of funny crafty inspirational bloggers out there!

Sheila said...

Happy Birthday! The chocolate pizza looks delicious. Love chocolate. I like to blog surf. I rarely enter their contests. I buy my own stash. Like Sandra above, I find new blogs to read by reading comments. So many creative, kind, generous people out there! Sewing, quilting and knitting for their homes, their family, their friends and for charity. I learned so much. Stay warm and have a nice day.