Saturday, January 29, 2011


No not for dinner, I do not like sea food period. I can not get past the smell of it.
I did sew this Octopus for our new grand daughter to arrive very soon. Like March 7th.
The pattern is on  named Oopsie the Octopus.
I chose not to put any eyes or yoyos on it ,for the baby's saftey. I am figuring she will be chewing on the legs of this for teething soon enough. It was so much fun and I am very pleased with it as a plain octopus.


Sandra :) said...

Ooopsie is a cutie! Hiwot and Jeff must be getting really excited!

Roma said...

Well you have done well sister.. the baby will love it.!!

Lucy said...

The baby will love this. How cute

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE that little octopussy.