Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Hi and love to you all. Thanks for stopping by today. Was a busy week for me. Spent my afternoon at the Er yesterday with hubby. He is suffereing with diverticultius it seems. I know he was hurting pretty good.. They did a barrage of tests and blood work and a cat scan . So he has drugs and will change his eating habits now I do believe.
 I had a class on Saturday  making a block called Arrowhead. It was in the Quiltmaker mag from the Sept./Oct issue. The block and her technique are so much fun and very easy!! I love the fabric I have chosen for my  quilt. That in itself helps to enjoy the class and making of the quilt. It is line from a year or so ago called Avairy by Three Sisters from Moda. Very soft and peaceful colors. Here is the fabirc before cutting them I chose a beige or creamy background
I want to get back to sewing on it. I think I will love this one.  Anyway I am very pleased with it.
I will try to get backand post more often than as of late. Happy in Love Day to you all!!!


Sandra :) said...

Happy Valentinees day, QW!!! Please give C a maple syrup hug from me, and tell him I hope he gets better soon - does he have to go to a higher fiber diet?

Your quilt blocks are gorgeous - that's going to be a spectacular quilt :)

Wilma NC said...

Beautiful color choices!!

Roma said...

beautiful choice for your project.

hope C feels better soon..

Take care of you too.

jybquilter said...

Love your quilt colors! I worked on that block at the last Quilt Camp and may do some more this time, too. Hope to see you there. Also hope hubby is feeling better by now.