Wednesday, September 29, 2010

another finish

Well I am doing the Fall-o-ween  Blog Hop and this is the first one for day 1. I have it finished and will be working on day 2 next up. I have seen the new one for today #3 and I plan to make it as well! There is a button on the sidebar of my blog  it is Fall-o-ween AWESOME button so be sure to check them out each day. They are having good things each day and some really good recipes so there is something for everybody  so come and join in the fun with us all. 


Vickie E said...

Dang You're quick!

Lucy said...

Congratulations it is real neat. Love your pick of material.

Roma said...

Love it sister.. and you have been a finihsing roll lately. if you kkep it up you won't have any UFO's!!!