Sunday, September 12, 2010

some family pictures

Our DIL has gone and arrived home safely. She was a fun week, even with her morning sickness. Oh I remember those days with my first baby,her hubby Jeff. We took her to Cedar Point for the day with our daughter Shelly (Michelle). It was Shelly's birthday . We had a picnic lunch there and rode some rides easy ones so as not to jolt Hiwot and the baby. Oh Yeah and took to Amish country where she took a buggy ride and saw another person from her home country what are the odds of that one?
 Was going to have a baby shower for her but decided to wait..I had family over for a meet and visit and with us . Some could not come  but we still had a grand time. I will now post some of the photos  thanks for checking us all out .
Robert with DIL Hiwot
Hiwot Dad Patrick and wife Sue

Shelly  our neice ,Robert, and SIL JoAnn

Hiwot, Shelly JoAnn and baby  Kaylynn

Hiwot  with baby Kaylynn
Hiwot trying to hold on and carry the baby out she said it was very heavy!! the baby is 4 months old. Hiwot need to do some strength training in her arms.
What a great day it was to have them all here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mom,

Nice photos !!

Hiwot had a great time

Mickie said...

Hiwot looks radiant! Glad she is home safe! Tell her the morning sickness will pass soon enough (oh hopefully)!