Friday, October 1, 2010

New used carpet

 here is a picture of the new used carpet I got for my sewing area. I am pleased with it. I had to move all the stuff out and sweep and remove cobwebs and such. But it is looking good now!! I have the other side to work on tomorrow. It is a disaster for sure. A friend gave this me she got new stuff for her home. I feel so blessed to get it. the next few pictures will be of the room coming together and the stuff being placed back in it. the sign was a gift to me many years ago from sister Roma. anyways here are the other photos. thanks for peeking in on me enjoy your visit  


Judy B said...

I think you have the same amount that I have, LOL! JuJu

Sandra :) said...

I know that room - I've SEWN IN THAT ROOM!! ;) You're doing a great job reorganizing - congrats on scoring the carpet - my craft room still has a nice cold cement floor, LOL.

Lucy said...

Pat, Everything is coming together for you and it looks great so nice and neat.