Thursday, March 26, 2009

teaching DIL to sew

Well tonight I have been teaching my DIL how to sew a wall hanging. She has sewn all that can be sewn for now . Need to buy some more of one fabric for the border. Here is a few pics of her and the project she has sewn. This is Lisa and her wall hanging. This is also her first project pertaining to quilt making.
The name of the Wall hanging is Snowball and Star from "Quilt in A Day" book, snowball quilt

Will show the final outcome tomorrow evening . I am going to a sewing Expo here in Cleveland area tomorrow . She will be here doing nothing except resting from today LOL>More to come tomorrow Thanks for stopping by!


Sandra :) said...

Hi, Lisa - you've done a great job on your wallhanging - I'm looking forward to seeing it completed! You're lucky to have such a nice teacher ;)

Patty - have fun in Cleveland, but don't overdo it!!!

Roma said...

Looks good Patty. She will learn much from you. Do her like you did the grands.
Hope you had fun at the expo.

Wilma NC said...

Looks like she's enjoying it!! Keep at her, you can make her love it!!!