Saturday, April 18, 2009


Hi I am so happy to see the green grass and the flowers popping out!. It sure has taken its time getting here. Today we had a nice 75 degrees with full sunshine. Yesterday was as nice only cooler. I have been under the weather health wise. I have asthma and some allergies. Have anew med and I do not think it is going to be any help.

Today I went shopping with my only GD she is 11. We shopped the local QS and bought her some neat pink and lime green for her a tote bag. In return she is going to sew on the Linus quilt for my guild.She is really excited as i explained to her who may get it . So she said I want to sew it grandma. Okey dokey I will do the cutting. When she comes back to visit we shall sew the squares for the Linus quilt. I have started to cut out her bag for her. It is going to be a cute one! I have made a couple of them before. One for my new DIL and on for my SIL for her cruise.
This is for Hiwot and the second picture is of a small wallet to go with the purse. I like it.

I have a couple moire fabrics picked out to make a couple more for gifts. Now if i can get the time to sew and make them. Niter's all CU soon


mickie said...

Patty, those bags are gorgeous!!! I wish I lived closer, I would bug you for a private lesson on how to make bags.
Can't wait to see the fun you and GD have! It should be great!!! :)

Bella said...

Fab Fabrics!!!!