Sunday, March 22, 2009

Return from Quilt Camp

Hello been a while since I posted here. Sorry about that.
I was gone from about noon on Friday until about 1 Pm today at the retreat. I had a great time with old friends and some new ones too. It was a 10 year anniversary for us . All the gals who attend these each made a block and sent to me I then assembled them in to a quilt top. I added a sawtooth border and two white ones as well. The quilt came out very nice, this is a picture of it.

Now the next thing is the charm table topper. It is done with Quilt For A Cause by Moda. The next one is kind patriotic but it was a fun one to make. I might make another of them. in different colors. The last one a small one in spring colors for my kitchen table. The bag on the table is for my new daughter Hiwot. I still have to make her a wallet and zipper pouch for it. She is going to love it. Still no word on when she is coming. I am hoping it will be soon . For now I am signing off and headed for the big bed for some much needed rest!! niters all


Anonymous said...

beautiful quilt !

Tina / Sweden

Mickie said...

Oh Patty, such treasures! Well done! The quilt is beautiful, just the right balance of pattern and white! I love those table runners! They are each amazing and unique! Feel better dear!