Friday, November 28, 2008

Talk about stuffed?

Well, long time no post, sorry about that. had a lot going on lately. Had to do some sewing and prepare for the Thanksgiving family gathering. we had changed propane gas company, and our kitchen range had a leak in it somewhere. Soooo we went out and bought us another stove. We had had propane cooking and then the new one is electric . Now I am not cooking with gas!!! hehe
We did the shopping for it on Tuesday then I got he house cleaned and prepared thew pies and etc. I think the turkey was very good and so did the family. They all said it was one of the best they have eaten. So heehaw for me and the cooking!
I think I went to bed on Wednesday night or early Thursday morning about 2:30 Am
I awoke about 8 AM and remained awake until after midnight!! I was wore out and sleep very well.
I will post a couple pictures of the sewing I have completed. One is of the Christmas block swap I was in on a yahoo group I belong to . Well I have to find the photo on the computer then I will post it. I moved some things on here and now will have to locate the photos. I have been in a duh stage today . See you all later on today

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Sandra :) said...

Congratulations on the new stove, and I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures, my dear!!!

*hugs* :)