Monday, November 17, 2008

Starting and finishing things

Hello today is a big day here I am starting my goal of the de-cluttering around my home. I have been keeping away too much . I have to get a handle on it now and make it a daily thing to do. My hardest part is what to do with the things I do not want and where should it go to. I seem to think that someone or the kids will want that one day. well I have to stop being the storage building for this kind of stuff. I am on a mission to get rid of a bunch of items. I will ask the kids when I have some gathered up do you want this if so take it now or it gets donated. The paper trail is very hard too. I find papers on the table daily and I ask are these important if so put them away. Do you need them? Ha I get a lot of dirty looks on that.

Yes I have plenty in my sewing area to de-clutter but the main house deserves the best first!!

I figure I can sort and pile and bag during this winter and then come the first nice day haul it all out!!!!!! woohoo that will be a rejoicing moment for all us .

Here is a picture of my latest set of Place mats for my dinner table over Christmas. Enjoy all and a great day whatever you get to do.

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