Friday, March 16, 2012


She has a lot to smile about look at her quilt!!
Wanted to share with you all a quilt top my neighbor made. Her name is Heather. She is paralyzed from chest down. We went shopping a couple weeks ago and she bought this new Bernina 380 sewing machine. Now they make the machines so you can just push a button and it sews meaning you no longer have to use the foot pedal or the knee control. It has a slow speed and that  is the reason we  decided to get it. She loves it!! This is the first thing she has made on it  as far a big goes. We did sew some on another machine made by Viking but she preferred the Bernina. I am telling you she amazes me with what she can do.  Took her shopping for the fabric last week. She decided on a Tonga Treats in teals and greens. It is beautiful!! She did fantastic job of sewing it together.I hope to get her on a video soon and post it so you all can see what she does She has very limited use of hands. Her fingers are just there they do not grip or able to pick up so it is challenging for her. Here is her beautiful quilt top and a photo  of her with it draped in front of her. way to go Heather!!!


Wilma NC said...

Awesome Patty! I am so glad you are helping her learn.

Nancy said...

Bravo to your friend. Her quilt is lovely. I had no idea Bernina made a machine that did not need a foot pedal. Great idea.

Lucy said...

Congratulations to you Patty for
helping your neighbor to sew.
She will be so happy to have a
friend like you to help her.
She did a great job on her
first project.

quilter000 said...

Thanks to all of you for the kind words on Heather. She is a tropper.