Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Cute Little Thing

I got busy today and decided I was going to sew this tote up. I go to a couple of retreats and this is a handy gadget. I love the fabrics. Took a little time marking all the lines and etc. But all in all it came out better than I expected. A friend in yahoo group JUJU sent the picture of it and the web site it was on. Well I checked around and thought I want one of those. I ordered my pattern and then I found the neat fabric in Shiloh at a shop called  Country Fabrics. When you open it up it is then your pressing pad. Nowe how cool is that? You can also put your hot iron it  and it is not suppose to  burn. I will let you know on that. Also today I was summoned to the neighbor's house, Heather, she was sewing a test piece and the threads got jammed so I went to see what had happened. I got them out and we checked everything again  and rethreaded it then sewed a test strip works great. I then helped her by pinning squares on so she could sew. She is getting pretty fast. I hope the next time I can set up the video camera and film  her in action. Then I can post that little movie of her working away. she is loving the sewing and says the time goes by so fast. Love it when they are excited over the creations they are making. Well here is the photo of my little Iron caddy pad. so cute!!  This is the full size one and it has my Rowenta in it. She has them on sale I hope to buy the middle size one next, they are fun!!


Sandra :) said...

Patty Pat your iron caddy looks great - I love the fabric - it's very pretty (and feminine)!

Carol in E TN said...

Love your little tote. I cannot find the pattern at Nancy's Notions. Could you share the exact name of the pattern and who it is made by?