Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Great Little Find

Went to donate a few a things to the Goodwill the other day. Decided to go in and see what they had in the sewing things sometimes I get zippers and trims. Well there she sat calling to me. I had plugged it in and it did not work but I tried another outlet and still she did not purr. I asked if it does not work could it be brought back?, yes just keep your receipt and you have 7 days. Well for the $4.59 I said ring her out. I brought it home and the needle was broke so I checked to be sure it was not stuck in the bobbin , then put a new one in. I threaded it up and filled a bobbin and tried again to get it to work. I did get a little engine noise and couple stitches. I kept pushing on the foot pedal and finally I found the area that needed to be push it works great! Here is MS Jan as I call her. I am sure one of my grands will want to sew on it soon. Well worth my $ and a pittance at that! check her out she also does zig zag stitches and straight stitches. what a deal!


Lucy said...

What a cute little find.
Also what a bargin.
Your grandchildren will love it.

Nancy said...

What a wonderful find and it says "heavy duty" - perfect for children. I live two doors from a thrift shop - way too tempting, but I have found some real treasures. Great buy! When did Blogspot/Blogger go to two word verification? They are not as clear as the old one-word ones used to be, or I went considerably downhill vision-wise when I turned 65! I wish they would leave the setup alone. I have such a hard time on the Dashboard now that they changed things.