Sunday, March 27, 2011

a couple Pictures

These photos of Mommy while PG were done by a studio. I think they are beautiful. Very tastefully done.But the most beautiful one is the Grand daughter Arsema. She is so sweet. I will be going to visit her  soon . Want to hold her and love on her. Hope she is content with me.

Was a cooking day for me . I just came out of the kitchen. Had made some yummy Sea Shell macaroni salad and then the fresh strawberry pie. We had some good chili beans in the freezer  so will have them too. not sure on the meat yet. Might be some Black Forest ham sliced.
 I am going to get a shower next then sew for a little while and then have some of the good eats.


Wonky Girl said...

Photos very tastefully done. Young folks like different these days don't they?
Your food choices sound good, makes me hungry.
Lucky you to be a g-ma and get to visit the baby.

Lucy said...

Congratulations on the new grand baby. Spring is here strawberry pie. yum yum

Roma said...

Very nice photos.
and the pie sounds good too..