Thursday, November 23, 2017

Pictureless Turkey Day greetings

Thanksgiving is winding down. I had some family over some are missing due to  health reasons and others not up to so much talking. But for those who came we enjoyed the afternoon and good food. We did miss the guys and even some of the grand kids are out of state so felt  a bit empty.
The dishes are all done and put away. yay!! that helps . my hands are feeling the effects of the water and dish soap splitting  on the edges of the nails boy they hurt!

 Hope you all enjoyed the  day and had a some memories made. The weather has been good for us too.  take care all and enjoy your  shopping if you do that  I prefer to stay home  but will venture to JA's tomorrow morning for a couple things!
Tata for now  Patty


Michele McLaughlin said...

Happy Thanksgiving Patty Pat! Miss you girl! Good to see you checkin once in a while! Hugs and have a wonderful weekend!

Lucy said...

Glad you had a great Thanksgiving day and got to go shopping at JA's