Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Well Hello! man how does the time slip by so fast.? It has been a busy year and  life is good. I managed to sew a few wallets for sister. It is very HOT here and muggy, but hey it is summer after all! LOL I am working on some embroidery that has been laying around for a few years. I did finish one of them this past weekend. yay for me. I want to make some blackberry jam but am waiting on the berries to ripen. then it is peaches and good jam from them! I think they both will come in around the same time. Hope you all are busy sewing, quilt making,
or just enjoying your summer days. For now will sign off and get to the house work just a little of it.
two of my sisters and myself this past week had some breakfast together. JoAnne on the left and me in the middle and Billie Sue on the right

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Sandra :) said...

PATTY PAT! So nice to see you posting - it's hot and muggy here too - the heat will just suck the breath right out of you. I spend a lot of time in my basement dungeon where it's nice and cool, lol. Getting some sewing done, goofing off on the computer and watching too much tv :D I was walking every day with my neighbour but it's just too sweaty out there, ughhh. Hi, JoAnne - hi, Billy Sue!!