Sunday, July 24, 2016

Howdy Howdy, been making jams and trying some new recipes this past week. Today I used some of my frozen peaches from last season and made Jam. I tasted it  is delicious.
Made some cabbage soup  called unstuffed cabbage, LOL had some cumin and crushed red pepper but it is tasty to me I like it. Then next was a peach upside down coffee cake. It was wonderful and the recipe made 2  cake. Plus I have made a batch of strawberry jam red raspberry 2 batches and black raspberry one  then 2 black berry and  the last is the peach. next will be some apple butter!!
I love to make the jams . Oh and least I forget I made a blackberry cake. just cooking away it seemed last couple weeks!
No we do not eat all the jam as i give as gifts at the  holiday season time. along with fudge  cookies and etc.
 here is a couple pics of the foods

                                         Black raspberry and red raspberry jam

peach jam made today
                                                              Picked blackberries
                                                             My favorite blackberry cake
                                                        Peach upside down coffee cake


Vroomans' Quilts said...

That's a lot of jam! You have been busy. Oh, that peach cake looks so yummy!!

Lucy said...

The pictures are great but the taste is wonderful. Thanks Patty for all the different flavors of jam you gave me.

Sandra :) said...

I want some jam too!!!! Yum!