Sunday, September 28, 2014

My Quilts

I entered a few things into my local guild show. That was held this weekend. We have a show every 2 years. This was our first show in the new location and the feed back was great.I think they said we had over 300 items in the show  and on display I put in  3 different type bags, and a small quilt , plus 3 medium size quilts.  I did get awarded some ribbons. Here are a few pictures of the items I had entered.  I will try to put the name of the pattern I used and who made the pattern.
first up my Strawberry Social, by The Pattern Basket co. so sorry for the wrong info. I hope she forgives me
This was a 3rd place ribbon

then I made the next one for my great grandson Blaze
called Western Pinwheels. it is from a Fon's and Porter magazine "Love of Quilting"  several years ago. Theirs had the sail boats around the edges I chose to use the horseshoes

then I made  the big retreat tote from a Auntie's Two pattern
Get Away Bag  2nd place on the big bag

Next was my "Tall Tree"  a pattern from  Cindy Edgerton
and my  final one was my  set of 4 Projects bags. these I absolutely love to use!
The bags are a pattern  I picked up in Berlin Ohio  from the Country Craft Cupboard.the pattern
the Purse style bag with the patchwork was mine as well. It is  made with Fig Tree fabrics and called the Jumbo Drawstring bag

sorry  not wanting to boost just sharing a  some of the things  I like to make and sew.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Oh, brag away dear girl - Just fantastic and congratulations!!

Lucy said...

congratulations Pat on all the beautiful things you made and enter in the show.

Michelle said...

Lovely work and congratulations on your ribbons! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

As always, you make beautiful things.

Annelies said...

Lovely....the first quilt is by Pattern Basket. Mine is ready to quilt!!!! Congrats on wonderful work.

quilter000 said...

thanks Annelies I corrected it and put a link on the page. I just love those strawberries!

monica said...

Congratulations....lovely work

Sheila said...

Congratulations, dear. Your entries were beautiful. Oh my. Gorgeous hand bags and totes.

Sandra :) said...

I agree - brag away, Patty Pat - I love seeing your finishes - congratulations!

quilter000 said...

I must say thanks to you all for your gracious comments on my sewing.