Monday, July 12, 2010

Our Guild Picnic

Had our annual picnic tonight. What a great time we all had.I do think everyone enjoyed it. We had great food and played some real fun games. Besides we did a PCP paint chip surprise. We had 25 people take part in it. That is a great turn out for any project!We had a fat quarter toss. Where you brought a fat quarter and we rolled them with a rubber band then tried to toss them into a 5 gallon bucket. If yours went in you won the fat quarters in it. if you missed you put yours in the bucket. The ladies and gents had fun trying to get theirs in. a couple of good winners.Then we had a word search

game on a timer and they won prizes for that. We also played a game of Quilto. using fabric cards. they enjoyed that one as well. Had them vote for their favorite PCP and no 23 took those honors. I had a fun time and enjoyed the festivities. I even won one of the center pieces. But here is the PCP that I received . Mine was from Jeri Fickes. Love the colors and will be nice in my kitchen

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