Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Great deal

Today I went to the Goodwill. I had been to the store just 2 days prior and seen some floss. So this morning I called to see how much they would take for all of it. I bought all of it  for 10 dollars I am thrilled. I am doing some embroidery and did not want to invest a ton $ into  it in case i did not like it. Well this will make it much easier. I counted the small floss baggies with at least one some had 3 and 4 in them   and the total bags were 240. I am so happy!
My neighbor bought a small bird feeder and water bowl to put in the yard for the birds. It is so cute. I have to have one or make one. I will take a picture of hers and post it for all of you to see . The birds can eat and drink at the same place. How cool is that for them?
HOT HOT here all week!!!


Tudy said...

That was a good buy on the floss.

Terry said...

Nice bunch of floss you got! I never seem to find deals like that when I go to Goodwill.