Tuesday, July 14, 2009

wah wah wah

Well son Jeff just called us this morning to say his wife Hiwot is going to be flown in to him in Seattle. Then when they ship him out of the country for his job he will then send her to us. I am just wanting her to get to the states, She needed to get some sort of travel visa to go through other countries.. Just one hoop after another it seems for her and him.

Now on to the last evening . My granddaughter is with me for another week, She and I went to my local guild picnic last night . I was on the committee to get it together.It was a very good time for us all. She is a beginner sewer and I had brought home a quilt for Linus. One of the other members had cut out several kits and asked if anyone would want to sew and make a quilt. I volunteered Ally to sew one. hehe Well she took the top in for show and tell and she got raves on her work and etc. this week she will machine quilt it in the ditch and return it to the guild next month.This will be her second quilt


Mickie said...

It seems like every day there is a new hoop that Jeff and Hiwot have to jump through! Your granddaughter is adorable, so glad you are continuing the sewing tradition!!! Keep us posted! Huggggs,

Bella said...

Is she here yet? We have to bring her into the fold of spices, y'know?