Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hiwot's arrival

Hiwot when we first saw her.

Me with new DIL Hiwot at the airport

granddaughter Allyson with new aunt Hiwot
Dad and Hiwot with robe for Dad from her and this is me in my new clothes from Hiwot
Daughter in her clothes

Robert with Hiwot my other son plus another one of Michelle and Hiwot.
She is so fun and will be great for Jeff.


Sandra :) said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah she's so beautiful - I'm so glad she's finally arrived - I remember the book you showed me last August when we visited, and you first told me about her! Welcome to the USA, Hiwot!!! *waving at you from Canada* :)

Mickie said...

Hiwot is beautiful!!! Welcome home Hiwot! You are a blessing and I know that having Patty Pat as MIL is a blessing too! Waving From the great state of PA!!!

Bella said...

She's gorgeous...and it looks like you are all in for a world of fun!