Monday, December 31, 2018

 May 2019 be a better year  to you. I am blessed to be here. 
 The wind is howling tonight but it is warmer than it has been all day!
 Hubby and I will remain at home for our celebration. Tomorrow we will eat cabbage rolls mashed potato's and maybe some cream corn. love my cabbage.
I am hoping to do the new years day Merry Mayhem Mystery tomorrow. I have done them for years on  the first day of the new year for many years now love the to part take in those. so have a safe and happy celebration everyone! chat to you more next year!

Hugs patty
My grand daughters last year


Lucy said...

I love the pig tails she is so cute.

Michele McLaughlin said...

They are ADORABLE! Happy New Year Patty Pat!

Roma said...

The girls are growing rapidly. The date on the pictures is 2016. Wow where did the years go.
Glad you are able to get out and about now.
Will chat with you later,
Your sister,