Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Happy Dance

So Happy  yesterday I finally got the 4 panels sewn to make a coat for my Grand daughter Arsema.
She likes purple and is turning 7 this month.  I have sewn somethings twice and had to remove and flip it around so I feel like i have sewn the panels 2 times LOL  I was trying to keep the same fabric away from its self.,hard to do some times But I am delighted with the colors and  will now get to do the quilting on hers. I have a second set to sew for the sister Sarah. She will be 6 in November.
They will be coming here  to spend the summer with their daddy and I. I will send the coats home with them at that time. I think they will be here from end of June to late august. 
I guess I will get the other 3 pink ones sewn  soon.
Tata for now

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Lucy said...

Beautiful colors and a great job with those tiny squares.