Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July everyone

Wishing all a safe weekend and happy memorable time with family and friends. I will be at home this year and being productive on some much needed DE-cluttering .LOL I feel like that is all I get done but hey somewhere back when I thought I really needed a great deal of these items Funny how we change  each year! when i sew I can not do the other chores and visa versa so I will choose to be busy making a less cluttered  space. Mind you I did not say organised only less.
Oh for you younger ones reading  this post  just a heads up when you get older you will slow down and the time will fly by  and trust me each year is faster and faster. I am doing the Farm Girl Vintage sew along. I am behind 2 blocks plus the new two new ones. I am hoping I can get them sewn tonight for my relax time and reward for my other is a photo of the ones i have completed thus far. I am doing the 6 1/2 inch size. really liking them  and hope to keep up with it  s little better. I made this cute wallet from a pattern called the Quilter's Wallet. so far I have made 3 and have a 4th to go.. it is started and will be cute when finished. so for now i will post my blocks and a couple of the wallets. until next time be safe and think positive.

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Lucy said...

Your blocks are beautiful. The wallet is very elegant, and the colors are great.