Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Some Sewing and Frustration

First Happy New year to you all. Boy those holidays went by fast to me!
I have come across a small quilt parts box. I love the colors and the fabrics. So thought I need to jump on this and sew it together, yep I do need to. Well started to sew the triangles together and looking great then I needed to add the plain triangle in between the others with the pretty prints. the solid ones were too big. what did I do  wrong?  I called the gal who taught the class and ask what I might be doing to cause this. Not much luck, but she did say she will try to bring the book  down on Friday and I can meet with her to pick that up. Maybe I am missing some tip or something. Okay in meantime I am trying other things to figure it out I am impatient you know. I managed to sew three half sections together and they look real nice. so that is as far as I got. I need to UN-sew the first  three blocks and see what needs to be adjusted on them. I hate to think of throwing them out, not me. I am also persistent when I know something will work and I just need to find out what that something is to make it all so easy!@ may take me a few more times but I will get it figured out. Here is the blocks I am sewing together. They are so pretty. I know I will love it when it is all sewn and usable.
The fabrics I am using are 30's reproductions they make me happy and feel good.The second picture is the parts just laying next to each other. Anyway I will now get the last strip of them I sewed and post it for you to see, the bottom 3 are the latest ones I have sewn. stay tuned will post a gain soon.

Thanks Patty 


Vroomans' Quilts said...

This is a pretty block/pattern - perfect for the 30's fabrics. Hope your issues get resolved.

Mickie said...

This looks like it will be a wonderful quilt! Love that you used the 30s fabrics :) My favorite!
Hugs, Mickie

Lucy said...

So delicate. The colors are so nice

Wilma NC said...

very pretty. You always choose such pretty colors