Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year

A new year and a new start for many things for me. I am going to try and finish up some projects I have started. Some require very little time and others need my total focus. I have been working  on the doll quilt for my January swap partner. I am liking what I am doing.. Can not post a photo as she may view my blog. so once it is finished and she has received it I will then post on my blog. I can however post the one I just sent out to the December partner..This is one I like so much I have cut one out for myself. I had made a large version and  use the basic for the small one. My new grand daughter is doing very well. I think mommy said she is 11# 10 ounces now she weighed in  at birth 9 pound 4 ounces.. She has a bigger sister who almost 2 and I am sure she is not too happy with the little one mooching in on her  space. She will get used to her though.. I hope to be able to see them both  this year.

 Sure been cold here and wind chill has been cold!! There is so much I would love to do in the sewing and the quilt making. I got  to be more focused so i can get them done.going to try to post a photo we shall see  did not want to work for me earlier.

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Vroomans' Quilts said...

Lovely doll quilt and sweet extra goodies. Yes, blogger wouldn't let me pull photos today either - maybe maintenance???