Monday, December 3, 2012

Busy Busy

Wow  where does the time go?. I have been busy sewing and making things for guild  family and friends. Also for a couple other things I am in. my doll swap quilts. Birthday quilt blocks
for  another group I am in.I just have too much fun and the time sneaks away .
I have been making some small ornament ts for family. Decorating the house and outside. digging out the Christmas things to hang and display. Trying to shop in between all that.And you know keep up with all the other daily chores we all have.
Our new grand baby is now a week old heading fast for the second week. She is a better sleeper than her big sister. but we are all different.
I had two boys and a daughter. the oldest one kept us up at night and was very  colicky the second boy  would not stay in the bed and came up with all sorts excuses to get out bed. The daughter slept good had 2 naps a day and slept all night. So each was very different.
Hubby just celebrated his 69th birthday. I get to celebrate mine next year!  early next year more like next month I will be his age. Been with him for 50 years now and have had a good ride most of it.
So what are the rest of you doing different this year for your holidays? anything? I think ours will be about the same. We always bake certain cookies, have certain decorations that have to up.. My kids used to go caroling not sure they do that anymore. But it was always fun to me. I am hoping to get it all done in time. Hope you have a great Christmas season too.
GOD bless and take care
HUGS to you all

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Vroomans' Quilts said...

You sound very busy, but a happy busy. I hope to have a quiet season.