Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Peg Board

I worked all afternoon on it. I sorted through all that I had hanging on it and decided that some of it had to go! This is the finished wall and I am proud of it. Look at all those rotary cutters. I must have the first one I ever bought. NOT!  I have gotten  them over the years and  just keep them. I am sure I will donate some to new sewers soon. That room is going to get done this year! I have said that for the last several years. So it is time!@! This is the electric pole hubby built for me and the machines. see in the background the messy wall well below that picture is the clean and organised wall.
Now tomorrow I will start on another area of the room. and with lots of luck I can get it done this winter.!!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Wow - looks great! That's something I need.

Lucy said...

Congratulations. Looks so nice and
neat. Love the cutting desk. Every
thing is real handy now.

Sandra :) said...

PEGBOARD!! That's exactly what I need in my sewing room to hold my goodies - I don't have room in my bookshelf for books because I've filled it up with notions and goodies --- a pegboard would be fantastic! So would one of those scalloped rulers - I was looking for one @ Joanns the last time I went, lol! I have a ruler holder like yours (the table top model) - I love it - so simple, but SO handy!