Saturday, August 11, 2012

Quilt Show

I have been lax on posting as of late, so here is the latest news for me.
We had our bi-annual quilt show this weekend it ended today. I was to work each day but was extremely tired and did not so I did not know if my quilts had any  merit  for sure. I thought they might  Well to my surprise I had entered 8 items. Six of them received ribbons. I am so thrilled.I was very surprised  to have that many.  I received two first place ribbons and 4 second place ribbons.
I am so thrilled. Been a long time since entered anything. So this is a boost for sure  Thanks to all the pattern designers!
 I think it is wonderful!! Thanks to my long arm quilters for a great job too. The Pumpkins was quilted by Roma Wimberley of Weaverville NC  everyone loves it!!!  The Swirl Tree was quilted by Amy Bouchard of Miami Valley. Sarah Bistline quilted the checkered cherries. I got a blue ribbon on my pumpkin quilts that was a pattern by Thimbleberries. I also got a blue ribbon on my Swirl Tree from Frivolous Necessity pattern.


Sandra :) said...

Congratulations, Patty Pat, you Quilt Whisperer you!!!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Congratulations, just super. Hope you are feeling better now.

Roma said...

Well done sister.. Hang the ribbons proudly.

quilter000 said...

thanks friends I am pleased and am getting better. Not sure why I was so tired. I think the heat may have been bogging me down and the humidity.Sure was hot this last month. I stayed in as much as possible but sometimes the air inside can get very stale. Being closed up

Lucy said...

Congratulations on all the ribbons.