Monday, April 16, 2012

One Block Wondering

This was the fabric before cutting it up

Hi, once again I have been so busy  loving the new quilt I am working on. I took a class Saturday and my results thus far are 109  different blocks!  I bought the fabric from my local JoAnn fabric store. Bought my book and new ruler and anxiously awaited my class day. It was offered through my guild. I had to take it.Just was so intriguing. I am glad I did take it. This has been so much fun seeing the blocks as they come out. The quilt name is the "One Block Wonder". Here is a few photos of the blocks. and the first one will be the fabric before it is cut up. so pretty!!!!


Lucy said...

One Block wonder it is a wonder how such beautiful material can make such fabulous blocks. Great work. Such talent.

Rhonda said...

OMG, I love your One Block Wonder. It's simular to the Stack N Wack blocks.

Roma said...

well sister I posted about this yesterday.. who kmows where it went.
Anyway I like your blocks. it will bw a stunner for sure..