Friday, August 12, 2011

Cooking today

Today I am testing recipes for the retreat I am hosting in September. I have a small yahoo group and we are gathering in Loudenville for the 3rd time.Two our gals fly over from Scotland  they are super lady's. It is always fun to visit and see each one. We are having a teacher come in this to teach us a class. It is Edith Dyke of Toledo Ohio. Her class names are so different like the one we are doing is named" You Want Me To Make a What??"
 That is going to be so fun and we are all looking forward to it. We are providing our food so I am testing the cooking of it today. It smells so good  "Baked French Toast". Along with some fresh fruit medley and drinks.  
  We will also have for another breakfast  a type  veggie egg omelet only done in muffins pan. Served with bagels and homemade jam and sausage links or bacon strips. Orange juice , coffee, tea ,or whatever you like.
The last one is Baked Oatmeal it will be served with Cinnamon bread and the usual drinks and fruit slices. I know none of us will be hungry!
 We are going to be together from Wednesday through Sunday. What a week it will be.We have our class on Thursday and shop day on Saturday. I am so ready to go mentally  but not packed yet!! A couple pictures of the dish I made .




Wilma NC said...

Looks delicious Patty!!!!

Sandra :) said...

It looks yummy - I love baked French toast - I do a Caramel version that's so rich we only have it once a year (for Christmas breakfast), lol. They're easy to make and they taste delicious - win win!

Roma said...

Oh yum, send me some!!

and the menu sounds wonderful

lucy said...

looks good and your house must smell great.