Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A tada for me

I have been sewing and quilting for the Downy Quilt for Kids. I have completed the one they sent to me. I just need to wash it and sew the label on it then mail it off to the place. I like the bright colors and I sure hope the person who receives mine likes it. It was a fun one to sew and quilt.
Now I have to take my Cat Buttons to the vet. She is is losing weight way to fast and she is loosing her appetite now. I Hope they can find out her trouble and it can be fixed. She is a very good cat and a great pal. Take care I will let you know what the Dr says about my kitty.

1 comment:

Sandra :) said...

Your quilt is beautiful, Patty Pat - some kid will be very happy to be snuggled under it!

Zoomer and I send Miss Buttons lots of kitty kisses and hugs - she's such a beautiful girl - I hope she gets better soon. GO BUTTONS GO!