Saturday, November 14, 2009


Well it was a fun day and I got a little bit sewn Took some time.Was a new for me. A free form of sewing. so un like me.
I did like it though. I plan on sewing the rest of it. It will be sometime as it is a long process and I did say to the teacher that it was a messy process. LOL
Pictures the first one is of the others in the class. Wilma McCurdy.
Then the blocks I got sewn and my color choices. Okay I am off to get some much needed rest!! Chat again tomorrow Niters now


Mary Anne said...

OMG! You're doing circles! My hat off to you patty pat! What a wonderful selection of yummy fabrics you're using. Good luck with this quilt. Will have to wait to see the finished project, I bet, since this may take you some time to do. I'm patinet. I can wait ... lol

Bella said...

all I can say is...WOW!!!! Looks like a fantastic project!