Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Welcome Rain

Woke up to rain this morning. ahh it is cooler as well.
I have been doing a little sewing not much to speak of. I am mainly concentrating on cleaning up my many messes. Crafters always have messes or they would be dull and boring people. Most creators work with lots of debris around them! LOL We drive with it everyday and we are used to it dodge this and swerve and etc. Same applys to our sewing area. LOL I will post a few pictures soon of the cleaning process. now please no comments on that mess just yet.
Had a great memorial weekend. I salute our soilders they do a great job for us all!!! I also went to graduation celebration and then we came home. just sat around and finally decided to wash Dads car. Then had to stop by the DQ for a cone. I will be back later on and type more to all of your bloggers. Tat for now.

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