Monday, December 31, 2018

 May 2019 be a better year  to you. I am blessed to be here. 
 The wind is howling tonight but it is warmer than it has been all day!
 Hubby and I will remain at home for our celebration. Tomorrow we will eat cabbage rolls mashed potato's and maybe some cream corn. love my cabbage.
I am hoping to do the new years day Merry Mayhem Mystery tomorrow. I have done them for years on  the first day of the new year for many years now love the to part take in those. so have a safe and happy celebration everyone! chat to you more next year!

Hugs patty
My grand daughters last year

Monday, November 5, 2018

my banner embroidery work. I had yet to sew the strand down and next  buttons if I choose to. I love the looks of it.

Heart surgery

Hello been a long couple of weeks I went to the hospital on October 19 they did a triple bypass. .I was in ICU for 4days then moved to a new floor where I spent another 5 days. I was release from Akron General on the 28th of October.
 I am slowly  dropping meds.  I hope soon to be on just a couple .They have dropped 5  already.
I have no real pain to speak of some swelling my leg  from the vein they used to make the bypass with. I am slowly losing the black and blue or bruises. My incision looks great  so they tell me. .There was talk of repairing the aorta but after seeing  it decided it was not all that bad so if it ain't broke do fix it. I am so thankful to be home and on the mend. I am able to go up stairs and down but it is very slow for me at this time. My sewing is in my basement so I was able to go down and see the mess I had left. But I brought some hand work up when I came back to main floor. Some embroidery I had started a couple years ago a cute Lesley Boost pattern  A Christmas banner . I got it finished . I hope to hang it in front of the fireplace. such a cute project. I plan to find my  cover buttons and make 6 covered buttons to sew in between the squares. But I might also use snowflakes buttons instead.
I will get the picture upload and posted soon. In the mean while I am happy to be alive and home once again!!



Saturday, September 22, 2018

Mystery Reveal

I did the" Boo To You Mystery"  with Fort Worth fabrics studio. It is so cute and was a fun time. They have anew one coming in October 17th for Christmas I plan on doing it as well.
Here is the top sewn of the Boo To You
 Then today had a hankering for pumpkin pie so I made two of them yummy  and the smell is wonderful!
Have a nice cool evening and enjoy it.


Thursday, September 20, 2018

Jo's luncheon 80th birthday

Had lunch with  3 of the sisters yesterday. the 4 older ones were there that includes me.
the 2 younger ones are in NC so  were not there.
 anyway I had my daughter there as well. she took a few pics on my phone for us. I am posting them here.  we ate @ TGIF ribs, mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli, and some cake for dessert. what a meal!! Their Wednesday special was a whole rack of ribs with 2 sides  for the price of  1/2 rack.
 we love to go there and eat. A big thank you to Billie for  buying all our meals!!
without further ado here is a few of the photos
  Joann birthday girl

Joann,me  then on the other side is Sherry, and Billie

  Sherry and Billie with glasses on

Joann and Patty